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We provide tinting services for Automobiles, Marine, Ice Castles, Residential and Commercial.

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We are your one stop shop for tinting services.

We not only do automotive tint, residential tint, commercial tint, and marine tint, we also do vinyl wrapping. Call us at 612-444-1457 for your custom color change vinyl wrap, chrome delete, tail light tint, or headlight tint today!

Automotive Tinting Service


Whether its just a dark tint look, UV protection for your interior, or heat rejection for your comfort. Our automive film lines have you covered.

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Commercial Tinting Service


We provide Safety and Security films for your commercial and government tinting needs. Safety and security films not only deter intruders from entering your property. They can also stop rocks and bullets, while providing you with the comfort of tint.

Ask us about our clear and tinted safety films.

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Residential Tinting Service


Safety and security films are also a popular lower level application for residential use.

Another alternative is our popular one way mirrored films for the privacy of your enteryway, glare reduction of your living room, or to reduce your overal heat bill. These films also come in broze for an elegant look on wood homes, matte white for bathroom privacy, or a 70% clear to achieve a natural look, while blocking 99% of harmful UV rays for flooring and furniture protection.

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Ice Castle Tinting


Be the envy of the lake or campground. Increase privacy, safety and security of your Ice Castle with long lasting and quality window tinting.

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Marine Tinting Service


Take the glare off the water. Protect your electronics and add that upscale look to your boat with our window films today.

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Save time by having the convenience of us coming to you. Our installers are equipped to install our professional tinting products in your personal or business garage setting.

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Choose the pricing option that best suits you!

Please cancel appointments as soon as knowingly possible. A $20 charge will be added to any cancelations within 24 hours of scheduled appointment, no shows, or customers more than 30 minutes late to their appointment.

Tint Options

Standard Pro

Professional Grade Dyed Film with A Lifetime Warranty
  • Comes in: 5, 20, 35, and 50%
  • $30 sun roof
  • $40 brow
  • $70 front sides
  • $100 front windshield
  • $180 coupe/single cab
  • $200 sedan/ truck
  • $220 wagon
  • $240 SUV or Mini Van


Mid Grade Lifetime Warranty Film, Where Heat Rejection is Higher
  • Comes in: 5, 18, 25, 35, 45, and 55%
  • $35 sun roof
  • $45 brow
  • $90 front sides
  • $120 front windshield
  • $230 coupe/single cab
  • $250 sedan/ truck
  • $270 wagon
  • $290 SUV or Mini Van

Ceramic Infra-Red:

The highest heat rejection rating. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Comes in: 5, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 90%
  • $40 sun roof
  • $50 brow
  • $110 front sides
  • $140 front windshield
  • $280 coupe/single cab
  • $300 sedan/truck
  • $320 wagon
  • $340 SUV or Mini Van

Vinyl films

Vinyl and Mobile Services

Prices are based off of gloss, satin, and matte colors. Call 612-444-1457 for quotes on custom colors.
  • $20 Single emblem
  • $30 double emblem
  • $80 brow
  • $80 side mirrors, starting
  • $100 headlights or tail lights
  • $100 four door handles
  • $200 hood
  • $250 flat roof
  • $300 roof with sunroof
  • $350 roof with antenna
  • $400 roof with sun roof and antenna


Save time by having the convenience of us coming to you.

We are a mobile tint company that needs a garage big enough to open the doors all the way, excellent lighting, an outlet, and a cleaner more dust free environment with low to no air movement.

We do offer our shop since everyone doesn't have a garage that works well. We're located in Princeton.

Mobile tint work tends to have more imperfections than shop work due to uncontrollable conditions. No place is perfect, but if you need close to perfect tint I do not recommend mobility. If conditions are really bad you will be warned.

You will have the option to either accept the service, or reschedule at our shop for a later date. The trip charge will still be due since the needed conditions were given prior to travel.

All warranty work is done at our location. We reccomend a car wash and clean interior prior to tinting. Any excess dirt can scratch the windows while scraping them off. Dust and hair/fuzz can get under the film during the instal process as well with a dirtier vehicle.

Since we're mobile, we work on a cost to distance ratio for tinting. 10-30 minutes away is an extra $20, 30-hr away is $40, after an hour it's based on time distance, and the amount of vehicles we'll be tinting.

Vinyl Care

Do not wash vehicle for at least three days after it has been applied. You may also see small bubbles under your vinyl while it is curing. Cure time takes about a week. Leaving the vehicle outside in the sun will speed up the process. You will also see micro scratches from the squeegees during application. Your vinyl is self healthing and those scratches will bake out in the sun. We also highly reccomend protecting your vinyl with a vinyl spray protectant. Ask your installer for product details.