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Automotive vinyl installation company serving St. Cloud MN , Brainerd and greater Central MN area - trust Lifestyle Tint.

Lifestyle Tint Automotive Vinyl Pricing


Your premiere automotive vinyl company serving, St. Cloud, Brainerd and greater
Central MN area - trust Lifestyle Tint.

Lifestyle Tint Automotive Vinyl Pricing

Same Day Automotive Vinyl

Our trained, experienced technicians are ready to provide all of your vehicle and vinyl needs. Choose the wrap option that provides you with the protection, style and custom designs that help your vehicle stand out. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We can add small custom touches like:

- Chrome deletes and strips
- Full color change
- Add decals for your business name and info
- Give you a rolling billboard, with a custom designed and printed wrap

We use quality vinyl products from 3M™, Avery Dennison™, Oracal™, KPMF™, Inozetek™, Teck Wrap™, Hexis™, Vvivid™ and Arlon™

Starting As Low As

$20 Single Emblem
$80 Brow
$80 Side Mirrors, Starting
$150 Headlights or Tail Lights
$100 Four Door Handles
$200 Hood
$250 Flat Roof
$300 Roof With Sunroof
$350 Roof With Antenna
$400 Roof With Sun Roof and Antenna


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Vinyl Pricing

Prices are based off of gloss, satin, and matte colors. Call 612-444-1457 for quotes on custom colors.
  • $20 Single emblem
  • $80 brow
  • $80 side mirrors, starting
  • $150 headlights or tail lights
  • $100 four door handles
  • $200 hood
  • $250 flat roof
  • $300 roof with sunroof
  • $350 roof with antenna
  • $400 roof with sun roof and antenna
  • $3000 Coupe
  • $3500 Sedan
  • $4000 SUV/Truck

Vinyl Care

Do not wash vehicle for at least three days after it has been applied. You may also see small bubbles under your vinyl while it is curing. Cure time takes about a week. Leaving the vehicle outside in the sun will speed up the process.

You will also see micro scratches from the squeegees during application. Your vinyl is self healing and those scratches will bake out in the sun. We also highly recommend protecting your vinyl with a vinyl spray protectant.

Ask your installer for product details.

Please cancel appointments as soon as knowingly possible. A $20 per booked labor hour charge will be added to any cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled appointment, no shows or customers more than 30 minutes late to their appointment.


We provide tint services for Automobiles.

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