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Our Mission Is Simple

We are a mobile window tinting company that caters to the average person, with an easy 7 days a week extended hour scheduling at an awesome price.

I (Cory) started tinting in August of 2015 by first trying it on my own vehicles. The First ones turned out alright, but weren't up to my standard. So I started experimenting with different films until I came across and stuck with Suntek.

From there I started having friends and family asking to get their vehicles done after seeing mine. My poor mom was the guinea pig for the first shrunk back window. It took 8 sheets of film over 3 days to finally get one that turned out alright. But then, before I knew it, I had random people calling and texting me to tint their vehicles on my days off of work.

After a few months of tinting on the side, I decided my traditional work as a concrete polisher wasn't what I wanted to do anymore. After disagreements at work arose, I decided to quit my job and create the brand name Lifestyle Tint. I wanted a company name that represented me.

The car scene has always been a lifestyle choice of mine. I love the people, the cars, and the atmosphere around all of it. Hence how I came up with the name Lifestyle Tint. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not thankful for what I have created and become. I couldn't do it without my awesome customers, which are also my friends, and my family.

My wife Jamie who is my rock and has been by my side since the creation. I couldn't do any of it without all of you. So thank you, and I cant wait to continuously build a successful company together.



To ensure our product meets your standards, we only use high quality materials with a lifetime warranty from our provider Suntek.


Lifestyle Tint’s core values are Teamwork, Respect, and Honesty.


We are the highest rated tint company in MN on Google.


We provide tinting services for Automobiles, Marine, Ice Castles, Residential and Commercial.

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For all of your automotive tinting and vinyl needs. Give us a call today at 612-444-1457 for an immediate estimate.


We provide SunTek Safety & Security Window Films for Residential, Commercial, and Government properties.


Increase privacy, safety and security of your home with long lasting and quality window tinting.

Ice Castle

Be the envy of the lake or campground. Increase privacy, safety and security of your Ice Castle with long lasting and quality window tinting.


Take the glare off the water. Choose Suntek films to add that upscale look to your boat today.


We also offer mobile service. Whether it is a home, business, or warehouse, we offer convenience by coming to you. Give us a call today at 612-444-1457 for an immediate estimate.

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We have a strict hiring process. To ensure the best team is ready to help you.


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